Sunday 4 February 2018

uBitx - Home Brewed enclosure

uBitx -   Home Brewed enclosure 

From the first experience of making the case for Bitx40, I thought of having a simple tool for folding the aluminium sheet. Made one with Ply wood and hinges. See the picture below.

This tool did a decent job of folding sheet with less effort and fast. All we need is to fix the sheet well aligned and clamped tightly before folding. Here as well, used same 1.6mm Aluminium sheet.

Height reduction

I felt that the height of case can be reduced further as lots of space available.  Soldered a separate connector below the PCB and also straightened the leads on Raduino board. 

SO239 Socket

Replaced the BNC connector with SO-239 since all the antenna connectors in my shack are the same.

Speaker Grill

Front Panel


On the Air indicator

Though LCD display shows the TX, felt it looks good to add a LED indicator for “on Air”. Connected a LED from digital pin 13 of Arduino through a resistor

And the completed Case

 Next thing to do is to fix a face plate with an acrylic sheet and replace with a better looking knobs.

Bitx40 and uBitx

Sajeesh Pilakkat


  1. Excellent, Sajeesh. I always appreciate when someone is able to build entirely from scratch ! I'm going to use your idea for adding a connector to the main board to reduce raduino height. 73 Paul Zs2OE

  2. Fantastic build. In the U.S., where can I purchase aluminum sheet material?



  3. many hardware stores and home improvement stores (ACE Hardware, Lowes, Home Depot etc) sell sheet aluminum.
    You will find better prices however if you go to a metal supply store. google or look it up in the yellow pages.

  4. It's cute, Sajeesh

    Sinosh VU2LN

  5. Great job, sir, if possible, please try and make a video of how you make the box (bending) with your homebrew bender.